Changes in housing after COVID

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If there is something special regarding 2020, that it is the advent of COVID-19 in our lives, but… How has the pandemic influenced the consumer’s preference when it comes to buying a house?

Home, Sweet Home

Who would have said that overnight we will be passing almost all the day in our homes?

Having spent 3 months locked in our houses has made us appreciate some aspects we did not pay much attention to before.

Our living room has become a gym, we enjoy our kitchen as a real master baker, we have shared laughs through video call, and other things that probably are familiar to you. Well then, this unexpected arrival of the coronavirus and the confinement to our lives has made us though how would our ideal house be like.

 Is our house really equipped with all we want and need? Should I change my dwelling place?

Town or city?

Other thing the virus has brought is an increasing number of the small town’s inhabitants since the telework allows to choose where to live and we prefer to disconnect in a less crowded place. In addition, here there is a smaller risk of contagion. 

Further benefits of a town are a lower house price, a more peaceful environment and facilities when parking. This leads to a better price for an equivalent house in a city.

Your house ready to overcome a pandemic

If we were speaking before about turning, your house into a gym, a bakery or an office, it is because the consumer preferences have changed after COVID-19.

Now we look for a house ready to overcome a pandemic or, what is best, ready to handle future confinements. How it is that possible?

As we have said before, buyers prefer a house located in a town where they can benefit from the peace and the quiet of the environment.

Another aspect considered when buying a house are the windows. It is an unquestionable pleasure for a buyer to enjoy the sunlight and ventilation provided for large windows.

However, the most desire feature of this new reality is, without any doubt, the outdoor spaces: courtyards, solariums, terraces or gardens. Having a relaxation and a recreation area in your own plot is a fancy and healthy attribute. There you will be able to take the sun, read, have breakfast o even practise sport while you enjoy the fantastic Mediterranean weather.

Are you one of our buyers? In Villamartin Paradise you can have your dream home.

If you are valuing if one of our houses is for you, do not hesitate to contact us to get to know a person of our team who can clear all your doubts. We are here to make this road easier for you.

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